How to BOOST YOUR ENERGY in 2023

Boost Energy

We are all searching for ways to be more productive, more fit, have increased energy levels and just optimize our body and mind. It’s not always as easy as it sounds. But there are a few hacks that will help you feel better, be better, and have more energy. You probably already do a few of them, they just need some adjustments to peak and boost your energy levels. 

Manage your stress:

Studies suggest chronic fatigue and decreased energy levels are directly correlated by long-term stress. It really comes down this very basic formula – less stress-induced emotions less unnecessary amounts of energy consumed. However, usually it’s easier said than done. There are so many things in life that causes stress. Therefore, we will list a few things to help you cope with the daily stress, and hopefully even a way to decrease it or even get rid of it. 

Some of the most common ways to keep your mental health stable are meditation and yoga. Psychotherapy, joining support groups, or even talking to friends or family are also some ways of help reduce stress. 

Physical activities:

Exercise can lead to higher dopamine levels, higher oxygen levels and help you sleep more soundly. Research says that exercise, especially high-intensive, helps the brain cope with stress, increases the oxygen circulation in the body, and increases sleep quality and quantity. All the above ultimately results in boosted energy levels and increased physical and psychological health.  One sport that grows bigger and bigger all over the world, and gives you a fun allround type of training is paddling kayak – Here is a nice place in Sweden where you can take courses for beginners:

Eat sound food:

Food is a great source of energy if you choose good ingredients to consume. Eat food with a low glycemic index. In general, all food will provide your body with energy, but the energy you gain will vary depending on the food you put in your body. For example, sugars and refined carbs will just spike your energy levels, and then leave you with potential energy crashes. 

Instead, turning to more sustainable energy derived from ingredients like whole grains, fruits, good oils such as coconut, or MCT-oils, will help the body to increase sustainable and long-term energy. 

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Vitamins & Minerals:

Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D and B Vitamins (especially Vitamin B12) are really good source of energy. Apart from the vitamins the body needs good amount of Magnesium, which also helps with fatigue and increased energy levels. Partly you will get this from eating good ingredients and food. But you can also get this from consuming performance drinks, energy drinks etc.

Use caffeine to your advantage:

Increase your alertness by consuming good amount of caffeine. If your intake is too high, it will have a negative effect of energy crash, insomnia, and even long-term potential mental health issues. 

Consume caffeine to give yourself that extra boost of energy and to keep the mind sharp. Gaming energy drinks are very popular these days. And they usually have a good mix of caffeine, taurine but also vitamins & minerals to help balance out too much caffeine that you might receive by only drinking coffee and tea all day. 

Research even says that the combination of Caffeine and L-Theanine gives the best results as L-Theanine helps balance out the spikes of energy that caffeine can give. These two combinations are usually found in gaming energy drinks as gamers need to find that good balance of energy and focus. 

Drink water everyday: 

If your body is short on fluids, one of the first feelings that will get to you is fatigue. The body can work long time without food, but if you don’t drink water for 2-3 days. You will most likely not survive. This makes water, not only, important for the survival of humans, but also an extremely important source of energy. Make sure to always stay hydrated. 

Let’s sum it up:

In short, you need to take control over your mind and body in various ways. Firstly, control your stress. Stress-related emotions drain your energy levels. 

Exercise well, no need to turn in to a gym rat. Just make sure to move and sometimes get the high-intensity training sessions. Exercise will help boost your energy by increasing the oxygen levels in your body, help you sleep better and longer which ultimately sharpens your body and mind. 

Eat healthy and rich. Good food is a great source of energy. You can find a lot of research on this topic. Try avoiding vast amount of sugars and refined carbs. Instead eat grains, fruits, and legumes. 

Make sure your body receives good quantity of vitamin B, D, and magnesium. 

If you want to consume caffeine, make sure you do it to your advantage. For example, gaming energy drinks usually combine many of the good ingredients mentioned in this article. A way to control the intake of caffeine, vitamins, and minerals.

Finally, drink water. One of the best sources of energy, and just necessary for human survival. 

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